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October 13th famous birthdays


Jimin (28)

South Korean singer

Taylor Alesia

Taylor Alesia (27)

American social media star

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen (52)

English actor and comedian

Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin (22)

American actor

Anastasia Kingsnorth

Anastasia Kingsnorth (23)

English internet star

Paul Simon

Paul Simon (82)

American singer and musician


Ashanti (43)

American singer

Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur (22)

Indian actress

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice (61)

American football player


pettylevels (23)

American Instagram star

Chris Ndele

Chris Ndele (20)

American social media star

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce (46)

American basketball player

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond (64)

American singer, TV host and actress

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh (56)

American actress and businesswoman

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump (30)

Daughter of Donald Trump

Kapri Rich

Kapri Rich (14)

American YouTuber

Jennifer Pappas

Jennifer Pappas (30)

Canadian dancer

Tisha Campbell-Martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin (55)

American actress and singer

Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar (76)

American singer and songwriter

David Haye

David Haye (43)

English boxer

Nancy Kerrigan

Nancy Kerrigan (54)

American figure skater

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce (1925 - 1966)

American comedian and actor

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers (62)

American basketball player and coach

Lydia Night

Lydia Night (23)

American singer

JP Cappelletty

JP Cappelletty (30)

American drummer

Bae Seungmin

Bae Seungmin (25)

South Korean singer

Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton (41)

English dancer

Kim Vanderhee

Kim Vanderhee (40)

American reality star

Scott Parker

Scott Parker (43)

English footballer

Antonio Di Natale

Antonio Di Natale (46)

Italian footballer

Luken Walker

Luken Walker (20)

American TikTok star

Jermaine O'Neal

Jermaine O'Neal (45)

American basketball player

Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri (89)

Greek singer and politician

Paul Potts

Paul Potts (53)

English tenor

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones (81)

American businessman

Kiele Sanchez

Kiele Sanchez (46)

American actress

Wes Brown

Wes Brown (44)

English footballer

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Virchow (1821 - 1902)

German physician, biologist, and politician

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Gabriel Agbonlahor (37)

English footballer

Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe (41)

Australian swimmer

Lillie Langtry

Lillie Langtry (1853 - 1929)

English actress and singer

Mamadou Niang

Mamadou Niang (44)

Senegalese footballer

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams (37)

American drummer

Jesse Boyle

Jesse Boyle (31)

American guitarist and vocalist

Douglas Emhoff

Douglas Emhoff (59)

American lawyer and husband of Kamala Harris

Kele Okereke

Kele Okereke (42)

English singer, songwriter and guitarist

On this day

October 13 in History

  • 1931

    October 13, 1931:

    The musical comedy play by British playwright Noël Coward named "Cavalcade" premieres in London at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

  • 1949

    October 13, 1949:

    “Touch and Go” A British jazz-pop musical ensemble performs at the Broadhurst Theater in New York City.

  • 1950

    October 13, 1950:

    The American drama film "All About Eve", written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, is released.

  • 1962

    October 13, 1962:

    The play by Edward Albee dubbed "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" makes its Broadway debut.

  • 1967

    October 13, 1967:

    CBS Radio stops airing the daytime variety talk show called "House Party".

  • 1971

    October 13, 1971:

    The American vampire film called “The Velvet Vampire”, directed by Stephanie Rothman, premieres in the United States.

  • 1978

    October 13, 1978:

    British rock band Queen releases a song titled "Fat Bottomed Girls".