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Famous people of Cuban-American origin

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello (26)

Cuban-American musician 
Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz (1917 - 1986)

Cuban-American actor, singer, and producer
Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan (66)

Cuban-American singer-songwriter and actress
Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra (49)

Cuban-American swimsuit model
J. R. Ramirez

J. R. Ramirez (43)

Cuban-American actor
Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva (1941 - 2012)

Cuban-American bodybuilder
Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz (1925 - 2003)

Cuban-American singer
Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia (33)

Cuban-American singer-songwriter
Mel Ferrer

Mel Ferrer (1917 - 2008)

Cuban-American actor, director, and producer

Konnan (59)

Cuban-American wrestler

Martika (54)

Cuban-American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
Oscar Nunez

Oscar Nunez (65)

Cuban-American actor
Jon Secada

Jon Secada (62)

Cuban-American singer-songwriter
Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen (65)

Cuban-American singer-songwriter and producer
Tony Plana

Tony Plana (71)

Cuban-American actor and director
Ana María Polo

Ana María Polo (65)

Cuban-American lawyer and arbitrator
David Fumero

David Fumero (50)

Cuban-American actor
Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo (58)

Cuban-American drummer
Lazaro Arbos

Lazaro Arbos (32)

Cuban-American singer
Yul Vazquez

Yul Vazquez (58)

Cuban-American actor