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Famous people of English-Australian origin


Ruel (17)

English-Australian songwriter and singer
Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John (71)

English-Australian singer and actress
Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving (60)

English-Australian actor
Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb (1958 - 1988)

English-Australian singer
Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell (50)

English-Australian actor
Peter Finch

Peter Finch (1916 - 1977)

English-Australian actor
Noah Taylor

Noah Taylor (50)

English-Australian actor
Reece Mastin

Reece Mastin (25)

English-Australian singer-songwriter
John Farnham

John Farnham (70)

English-Australian singer-songwriter and musician
Charles Mesure

Charles Mesure (49)

English-Australian actor