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September 16th famous birthdays

Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes (29)

American actor

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon (26)

American basketball player

Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla (34)

American YouTuber

Millie T

Millie T (21)

English YouTuber

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler (50)

American actress, comedian and writer

Brianna Buchanan

Brianna Buchanan (16)

American social media star

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke (69)

American actor and former boxer

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel (40)

American actress and model

Sienna Fizz

Sienna Fizz (10)

British YouTuber

Hakeem Newkirk

Hakeem Newkirk (20)

American social media star

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas (29)

American singer and actor

Channon Rose

Channon Rose (36)

American model and actress

Noah Boat

Noah Boat (24)

American YouTuber

Freddy Cousin-Brown

Freddy Cousin-Brown (27)

English YouTuber

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly (63)

Canadian-American actress and professional poker player

Baka Prase (Bogdan Ilic)

Baka Prase (Bogdan Ilic) (25)

Serbian gamer and rapper

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony (53)

American singer and producer

Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt (35)

American actress and singer

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing (40)

Chinese actress and singer

Amy-Leigh Hickman

Amy-Leigh Hickman (24)

English actress

Ian Harding

Ian Harding (35)

German-American actor

Anthony Rivera

Anthony Rivera (25)

American YouTuber

Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin (28)

American record producer and songwriter

Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson (11)

American YouTuber

Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon (57)

American actress

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams (1722 - 1803)

American politician, 4th Governor of Massachusetts

Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew (1923 - 2015)

Chinese-Singaporean politician, 1st Prime Minister of Singapore

David Copperfield

David Copperfield (65)

American illusionist

Madeline Zima

Madeline Zima (36)

American actress

Bella Robertson

Bella Robertson (19)

American reality star


Canking (19)

Irish YouTuber

Richard Marx

Richard Marx (58)

American singer-songwriter and producer

Karl Dönitz

Karl Dönitz (1891 - 1980)

German navy officer

Daren Kagasoff

Daren Kagasoff (34)

American actor

Katie Melua

Katie Melua (37)

Georgian-English singer-songwriter and guitarist

B.B. King

B.B. King (1925 - 2015)

American blues singer and guitarist

Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan (37)

American actress, singer and dancer

Travis Wall

Travis Wall (34)

American dancer

Lolo Rodriguez

Lolo Rodriguez (23)

American singer

Manilla Gee

Manilla Gee (7)

American internet celebrity

Bilinda Butcher

Bilinda Butcher (60)

English rock musician

Danny John-Jules

Danny John-Jules (61)

English actor, singer, and dancer

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr. (72)

American actor and environmentalist

Elgin Baylor

Elgin Baylor (1934 - 2021)

American basketball player

On this day

September 16 in History

  • 1948

    September 16, 1948:

    The Canadian film titled "Heaven on Earth" premieres at the Century Theater in New York City.

  • 1953

    September 16, 1953:

    The American Biblical epic film titled "The Robe" premieres.

  • 1963

    September 16, 1963:

    The television series titled "The Outer Limits" is aired for the first time in the United States on ABC-Television Network.

  • 1966

    September 16, 1966:

    The Metropolitan Opera House officially opens in New York City.

  • 1974

    September 16, 1974:

    American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan records his 15th studio album titled “Blood on the Tracks”.

  • 1977

    September 16, 1977:

    The American rock ensemble, Talking Heads drops their first studio album titled “Talking Heads 77”.

  • 1978

    September 16, 1978:

    Grateful Dead, an American rock group, plays a concert in Cairo, a city in Egypt.

  • 1984

    September 16, 1984:

    American crime drama television series "Miami Vice" premieres on NBC-Television.

  • 1993

    September 16, 1993:

    The first episode of the television sitcom titled “Frasier" is shown on NBC-Television.

  • 2014

    September 16, 2014:

    American singer and songwriter Barbra Streisand issues her 34th studio album titled “Partners".