The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
September 20th famous birthdays
George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin (71)

American writer and TV producer

Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips (28)

American singer and songwriter

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren (85)

Italian actress

Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal (43)

American actor

Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt (71)

Indian director

Hank Williams

Hank Williams (1923 - 1953)

American singer and songwriter

Terius Nash

Terius Nash (42)

Singer-songwriter, record producer

Son Ga-In

Son Ga-In (32)

South Korean singer and actress

Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood (44)

American actress

Gary Cole

Gary Cole (63)

American actor

Kristen Johnston

Kristen Johnston (52)

American actress

Henrik Larsson

Henrik Larsson (48)

Swedish footballer

Anne Meara

Anne Meara (1929 - 2015)

American actress

Asia Argento

Asia Argento (44)

Italian actress

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung (55)

Hong Kong actress

Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro (42)

Japanese singer

Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya (44)

Colombian race car driver

Erich Gonzales

Erich Gonzales (29)

Filipino actress

Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt (53)

Portuguese singer-songwriter and guitarist

Spencer Locke

Spencer Locke (28)

American actress

Red Auerbach

Red Auerbach (1917 - 2006)

American basketball coach

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly (78)

American sculptor

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson (61)

American wrestler and author

Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss (1899 - 1973)

German-American philosopher

Van Jones

Van Jones (51)

American attorney and activist

Yui Horie

Yui Horie (43)

Japanese voice actress and singer

Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur (68)

Canadian ice hockey player

Jason Bay

Jason Bay (41)

Baseball player

Michael Hurst

Michael Hurst (62)

Actor, director, writer

Aimee Graham

Aimee Graham (48)

American actor

Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty (24)

American actress and singer

Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts (59)

American television journalist

Taro Aso

Taro Aso (79)

Japanese politician

Crystle Stewart

Crystle Stewart (38)

American model

Germán Valdés

Germán Valdés (1915 - 1973)

Mexican actor and singer

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom (58)

Attorney, Author and Television Legal Analyst

Javier Marías

Javier Marías (68)

Spanish author, translator, and academic

Laura Dekker

Laura Dekker (24)

Dutch sailor

Ian Desmond

Ian Desmond (34)

American baseball player