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Famous people born in Sweden


Anomaly (27)

Swedish internet star

Iskall (36)

Swedish YouTuber
Elle Cryssanthander

Elle Cryssanthander (17)

Swedish TikTok star
Felix Sandman

Felix Sandman (23)

Swedish singer
Seth Everman

Seth Everman (28)

Swedish YouTuber
Sam Pettersson

Sam Pettersson (20)

Swedish TikTok star

MaximilianMus (24)

Swedish YouTube star

JENZiiH (32)

Swedish bassist
Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek (39)

Swedish entrepreneur and technologist
Malena Ernman

Malena Ernman (51)

Swedish singer
Amanda Strand

Amanda Strand (23)

Swedish YouTube star
Emelie Natascha Lindmark

Emelie Natascha Lindmark (31)

Swedish YouTube star
Alida Morberg

Alida Morberg (37)

Swedish actress
Lisa Anckarman

Lisa Anckarman (32)

Swedish model
Felicia Bergström

Felicia Bergström (28)

Swedish YouTube star
Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio (41)

Swedish singer
Beata Thunberg

Beata Thunberg (16)

Swedish singer
Kammi Rosenskjold

Kammi Rosenskjold (26)

Swedish YouTube star
Michaela Nilsson

Michaela Nilsson (31)

Swedish social media star
Nellie Gonzalez

Nellie Gonzalez (22)

Swedish blogger
Viktor Frisk

Viktor Frisk (27)

Swedish singer
Per Gessle

Per Gessle (63)

Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist
Robert Sandberg

Robert Sandberg (29)

Swedish chef
Marcelo Pena

Marcelo Pena (31)

Swedish blogger
Linnea Widmark

Linnea Widmark (26)

Swedish Instagram star
Tommy Johansson

Tommy Johansson (34)

Swedish guitarist
Josephine Qvist

Josephine Qvist (29)

Swedish YouTube star

Shellback (37)

Swedish record producer and songwriter
Sanne Josefson

Sanne Josefson (32)

Swedish blogger
Hanna Friberg

Hanna Friberg (27)

Swedish blogger
Kristian Täljeblad

Kristian Täljeblad (31)

Swedish reality star
John Larsson

John Larsson (84)

Swedish salvationist and writer
Hannes Van Dahl

Hannes Van Dahl (32)

Swedish musician
John Zwetsloot

John Zwetsloot (48)

Swedish guitarist
Moa Mattsson

Moa Mattsson (26)

Swedish blogger
Lisa Tellbe

Lisa Tellbe (26)

Swedish blogger