The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
September 13th famous birthdays
Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry (50)

American filmmaker and producer

Ben Savage

Ben Savage (39)

American actor

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar (53)

American TV personality

Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz (41)

American rapper and music producer

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine (58)

American musician

Cesare Borgia

Cesare Borgia (1475 - 1507)

Italian politician and cardinal

Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset (75)

English actress

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple (42)

American singer and songwriter

Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller (30)

German footballer


G.NA (32)

Canadian-South Korean singer and actress

Son Ye-jin

Son Ye-jin (29)

South Korean actress

Shane Warne

Shane Warne (50)

Australian cricketer

Mahima Chaudhry

Mahima Chaudhry (46)

Indian actress

Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio Cannavaro (46)

Italian footballer

Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg (1874 - 1951)

Austrian composer and painter

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney (48)

English fashion designer

Peter Sunde

Peter Sunde (41)

Swedish activist

Peter Cetera

Peter Cetera (75)

American singe-songwriter, bass player, and producer

Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong (34)

American filmmaker

Don Bluth

Don Bluth (82)

American animator, co-founded Sullivan Bluth Studios and Fox Animation Studios

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando (78)

Japanese architect, designed Piccadilly Gardens

J. G. Quintel

J. G. Quintel (37)

American animator, scriptwriter, and voice actor

Angelina Love

Angelina Love (38)

Canadian wrestler

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka (39)

Japanese baseball player

Milton S. Hershey

Milton S. Hershey (1857 - 1945)

American businessman, founded The Hershey Company

Jean Smart

Jean Smart (68)

American actress

John W. Henry

John W. Henry (70)

American businessman

Zak Starkey

Zak Starkey (54)

English drummer

Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain (88)

American actress

Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann (1819 - 1896)

German pianist and composer

Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross (54)

American comedian, actor, author, and director

Mel Tormé

Mel Tormé (1925 - 1999)

American singer, actor, and composer

Goran Ivanišević

Goran Ivanišević (48)

Croatian tennis player


Nenê (37)

Brazilian basketball player

Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard (49)

English actress

Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley (55)

Talk show host, author, entrepreneur, advocate, philanthropist

James Bourne

James Bourne (36)

English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe (1911 - 1996)

American singer-songwriter

Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi (33)

Japanese race car driver

Yma Sumac

Yma Sumac (1922 - 2008)

Peruvian soprano

Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson (1766 - 1854)

American meat packer

José Théodore

José Théodore (43)

Canadian ice hockey player