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June 20th famous birthdays

Nia Sioux

Nia Sioux (20)

American dancer and actress

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman (54)

Australian-American actress

Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart (25)

American YouTube star

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard (43)

English footballer


Senna (22)

Canadian YouTuber

FaZe Apex

FaZe Apex (25)

American YouTuber

John Goodman

John Goodman (69)

American actor

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy (1925 - 1971)

American soldier and actor Medal of Honor recipient

Calvin Goldby

Calvin Goldby (22)

American social media star

Kayla Maisonet

Kayla Maisonet (22)

American actress

Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson (43)

American mixed martial artist and actor

Esmé Ingham

Esmé Ingham (12)

English YouTuber


IndigoJael (20)

Dutch TikTok star

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez (53)

American director

Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini (29)

American singer and rapper


Skunky (20)

American social media star

Anne Murray

Anne Murray (76)

Canadian singer and guitarist

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie (72)

American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson (79)

American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer

Hart Denton

Hart Denton (28)

American actor

Elliot Gleave

Elliot Gleave (39)

Vocalist, rapper, singer-songwriter

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas (50)

American actor

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson (26)

American YouTuber

Capri Bryant

Capri Bryant (2)

Daughter of Kobe Bryant

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra (37)

Indian actress

Kyle Echarri

Kyle Echarri (18)

Filipino-American singer and actor

Grace Potter

Grace Potter (38)

American singer

Dreama Walker

Dreama Walker (35)

American actress

Chino Moreno

Chino Moreno (48)

American singer-songwriter and musician

Serayah McNeill

Serayah McNeill (26)

American model and singer

Javier Pastore

Javier Pastore (32)

Argentine football player

Mckenzie Small

Mckenzie Small (22)

Canadian actress

Eddie Cardona

Eddie Cardona (33)

American YouTuber and gamer

Sydney Crouch

Sydney Crouch (24)

English YouTuber

Maia Rita

Maia Rita (30)

American YouTube star

Jason Hancock

Jason Hancock (20)

American dancer

Mafe Méndez

Mafe Méndez (27)

Colombian YouTuber

Tika Sumpter

Tika Sumpter (41)

American actress and model

Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters (1887 - 1948)

German painter and writer

Rodney Rogers

Rodney Rogers (50)

American basketball player

Fab Melo

Fab Melo (1990 - 2017)

Brazilian basketball player

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille (70)

American voice actress

Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins (1924 - 2001)

American musician, songwriter, and producer

Adam Hann

Adam Hann (33)

English guitarist

On this day

June 20 in History

  • 1837

    June 20, 1837:

    Queen Victoria ascends the throne of the United Kingdom upon the death of her uncle King William IV.

  • 1893

    June 20, 1893:

    A New Bedford court acquits Lizzie Borden, a Fall River, Massachusetts woman who was accused of killing her father and stepmother.

  • 1895

    June 20, 1895:

    Caroline Willard Baldwin earns the first PhD in science awarded to a woman by an American university.

  • 1940

    June 20, 1940:

    Joe Louis beats Chilean boxer Arturo Godoy to emerge as the world’s heavyweight champion.

  • 1947

    June 20, 1947:

    Bugsy Siegel, the man credited with introducing organized crime to the West Coast of the United States, is shot thrice in the head and dies immediately.

  • 1949

    June 20, 1949:

    Tennis player Gussie Moran causes a stir with a “scandalous” short dress which she wore for her Wimbledon match.

  • 1975

    June 20, 1975:

    “Jaws” by filmmaker Steven Spielberg hits theatres.

  • 1980

    June 20, 1980:

    Sugar Ray Leonard loses his WBC welterweight title to Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran.

  • 1987

    June 20, 1987:

    New Zealand emerges champion of the first Rugby World Cup.

  • 1992

    June 20, 1992:

    Paraguay adopts a new constitution, bringing to an end military rule which started in the 1950s.