The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

May 13th famous birthdays

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone (40)

Canadian-American adult film actress and model

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman (60)

American basketball player and actor


Twaimz (26)

Palestinian-American YouTube star

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson (35)

English actor, model, musician, and producer


Hyper (22)

American Twitch star

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder (71)

American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and activist

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert (57)

American comedian, writer, and actor

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan (28)

American actress and singer

Jack Harries

Jack Harries (28)

British actor

Candice King

Candice King (34)

American actress

Jim Jones

Jim Jones (1931 - 1978)

American founder and leader of the Peoples Temple

Garrett Hilbert

Garrett Hilbert (34)

American YouTuber

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman (57)

American bodybuilder

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur (1922 - 2009)

American actress

Finn Harries

Finn Harries (28)

English social media star

Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens (1941 - 1959)

Mexican-American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel (82)

American actor


Buckethead (52)

American musician and songwriter

Mandla Morris

Mandla Morris (16)

American reality star

Candice Accola

Candice Accola (34)

American actress and singer

Pope Pius IX

Pope Pius IX (1792 - 1878)

255th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku (28)

Belgian footballer

Yaya Touré

Yaya Touré (38)

Ivorian footballer


BookOfKen (27)

American YouTube star

Jamileh Navalua

Jamileh Navalua (22)

American YouTuber

Mika Abdalla

Mika Abdalla (21)

American actress

Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon (36)

Welsh actor and singer

Azalea Carey

Azalea Carey (16)

American actress and singer


Cscoop (23)

American YouTube star

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker (55)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Ben Orsini

Ben Orsini (19)

Australian TikTok star

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison (53)

Australian politician

Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby (43)

American basketball player

Hunter Parrish

Hunter Parrish (34)

American actor

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton (44)

English actress

Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu (29)

American football player

Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean (34)

American model and author

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa (1717 - 1780)

Holy Roman Empress

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen (28)

American songwriter and singer


Randolph (27)

English rapper

Quad Webb

Quad Webb (40)

American reality star

Dawn Harper-Nelson

Dawn Harper-Nelson (37)

American athlete

Rory Eliza

Rory Eliza (19)

Australian TikTok star

Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus (54)

American Instagram star and actress

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham (35)

American actress, writer, and director

Yung Baby Tate

Yung Baby Tate (25)

American rapper

Benny Dayal

Benny Dayal (37)

Indian singer

P.K. Subban

P.K. Subban (32)

Canadian ice hockey player

Jesús Ortiz-Paz

Jesús Ortiz-Paz (24)

Mexican singer

Brian Geraghty

Brian Geraghty (46)

American actor

On this day

May 13 in History

  • 1787

    May 13, 1787:

    The First Fleet, carrying naval officers, convicts and food supplies takes off. The fleet, which is under the leadership of Arthur Phillip, makes its way to New South Wales, Australia.

  • 1846

    May 13, 1846:

    The United States Congress approves President James K. Polk’s declaration for the Mexican-American War.

  • 1871

    May 13, 1871: The Italian parliament passes the Law of Guarantees to assure the Pope of a status as a sovereign figure, in spite of depriving him of ruling over the Papal States.
  • 1888

    May 13, 1888:

    Isabel of Braganca, Princess of Brazil, signs the Golden Law to abolish slave trade in Brazil.

  • 1917

    May 13, 1917:

    Lucia dos Santos and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, experience their first apparitions of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima).

  • 1960

    May 13, 1960:

    A Swiss/Nepali/Austrian expedition becomes the first to climb Dhaulagiri, the world’s seventh-tallest mountain, under the leadership of Max Eiselin.

  • 1981

    May 13, 1981:

    Turkish assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca attempts to assassinate Pope John Paul by shooting him four times at St. Peter’s Square.

  • 1989

    May 13, 1989:

    Chinese students begin hunger strike as part of the Tiananmen Square Protests against the government.

  • 2019

    May 13, 2019:

    Hollywood star, Doris Day, dies.