The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.


Tyler Joseph (31)

American singer and songwriter
Josh Dun

Josh Dun (31)

American drummer
Simone Biles

Simone Biles (23)

American gymnast
Randy Savage

Randy Savage (1952 - 2011)

American wrestler and actor
Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri (52)

Television personality and restaurant owner
Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus (80)

American golfer
Beverly D'Angelo

Beverly D'Angelo (68)

American actress
Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin (40)

American mixed martial artist
R. L. Stine

R. L. Stine (76)

American author, screenwriter, and producer
Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher (39)

American baseball player
Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone (43)

American rapper
Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza (43)

American actress
Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush (1895 - 1972)

American banker and politician
Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn (35)

American football player

Jordan Dun (25)

American social media star
Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas (60)

American boxer
Jared Sullinger

Jared Sullinger (28)

American basketball player
Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas (71)

American actor and singer

Michael Behling (24)

American actor
Andrea Bowen

Andrea Bowen (30)

American actress
Michael Redd

Michael Redd (40)

American basketball player
Ted Allen

Ted Allen (55)

American chef and author
Pat McCrory

Pat McCrory (63)

American politician
James Thurber

James Thurber (1894 - 1961)

American author and illustrator
Alex Grey

Alex Grey (66)

American painter
Gary Levox

Gary Levox (49)

Singer, songwriter
A.j. Langer

A.j. Langer (46)

American actress
Brian Grant

Brian Grant (48)

American basketball player
Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin (65)

Player of American football
Jay Demarcus

Jay Demarcus (49)

American guitarist
Tom Crabtree

Tom Crabtree (34)

American football player
Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher (39)

American racing driver
Jamal Duff

Jamal Duff (41)

Player of American football
Lance Moore

Lance Moore (36)

American football player
Andrew "Andy" Hampsten

Andrew "Andy" Hampsten (58)

American cyclist
Dina Spybey

Dina Spybey (54)

American actor
Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty (45)

Writer, director

Caris LeVert (25)

American basketball player