The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

September 29th famous birthdays


Halsey (27)

American singer

Jonathan Le

Jonathan Le (7)

American Instagram star

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (33)

American basketball player

Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus (24)

Hawaiian TikTok star


GoldenGlare (28)

Canadian YouTube star

Jesse Ridgway

Jesse Ridgway (29)

American comedian and actor

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi (85)

Italian politician

Tatum Beck

Tatum Beck (22)

American TikTok star

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard (60)

Australian politician

Molly Eskam

Molly Eskam (23)

American social media star

Ian McShane

Ian McShane (79)

English actor

Adore Delano

Adore Delano (32)

American reality star

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi (41)

American actor

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis (86)

American singer, songwriter and pianist

Russell Peters

Russell Peters (51)

Canadian actor and comedian

Chloe Moriondo

Chloe Moriondo (19)

American singer and social media star

Jojo Simmons

Jojo Simmons (32)

American reality star and actor

Gracelynn Weiss

Gracelynn Weiss (13)

American YouTuber

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore (57)

American actor and producer

Maddie Dean

Maddie Dean (21)

American model


Pompey (106 BC - 48 BC)

Roman general and politician

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko (45)

Ukrainian footballer

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay (64)

American comedian and actor

Fred West

Fred West (1941 - 1995)

English serial killer

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson (36)

American football player

Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak (52)

American actress and model

Luke Goss

Luke Goss (53)

English singer and actor

Isha Sharvani

Isha Sharvani (37)

Indian actress and dancer

Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon (27)

American YouTuber

Lilah Pate

Lilah Pate (18)

American actress

Per Mertesacker

Per Mertesacker (37)

German footballer

Pepperoni Joe

Pepperoni Joe (42)

Canadian internet star

Stephen Twitch Boss

Stephen Twitch Boss (39)

American reality star and dancer

Gianna Sage

Gianna Sage (16)

American dancer

Deez Singh

Deez Singh (16)

American singer and TikTok star

Bum Phillips

Bum Phillips (1923 - 2013)

American football player, coach, executive; United States Marine

Les Claypool

Les Claypool (58)

American bass player, songwriter, producer, and author

Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz (42)

American actress

Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe (48)

English tenor and actor

Mya Nicole

Mya Nicole (21)

American YouTuber

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth (35)

American reality star

Pier Luigi Bersani

Pier Luigi Bersani (70)

Italian politician

Gene Autry

Gene Autry (1907 - 1998)

American singer and actor

Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe (65)

English politician

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (87)

Hungarian-American psychologist and educator

On this day

September 29 in History

  • 1948

    September 29, 1948:

    The premiering of "Hamlet”, a play by renowned playwright William Shakespeare, takes place at Park Avenue.

  • 1949

    September 29, 1949:

    "Adventures of Sam Spade" premieres on CBS radio.

  • September 29, 1949:

    The Broadway comedy dubbed "Front Page" makes its television debut on CBS Network.

  • September 29, 1949:

    The television series named "Inside USA With Chevrolet" is first aired on CBS Television Network.

  • 1951

    September 29, 1951:

     CBS Television network broadcasts their first professional football game in color.

  • 1953

    September 29, 1953:

    The American sitcom entitled "Make Room for Daddy" premieres on ABC Television Network.

  • 1963

    September 29, 1963:

     “The Judy Garland Show” is shown for the first time on CBS Television.

  • 1992

    September 29, 1992:

    The American rock group Stone Temple Pilots release their first album titled “Core”.

  • 1997

    September 29, 1997:

    English alternative rock band, The Verve drops their breakthrough album titled “Urban Hymns”.

  • 2009

    September 29, 2009:

    The southern rock band called Lynyrd Skynyrd unveils their 13th studio album entitled “Gods & Guns”.