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Famous 55 year olds

Mark Calaway

Mark Calaway (55)

American wrestler
Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. (55)

American actor
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen (55)

American actor
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan (55)

Indian actor
J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling (55)

British writer
Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre (55)

American rapper, producer, and actor
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin (55)

American wrestler, actor, and producer
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker (55)

American actress
Diane Lane

Diane Lane (55)

American actress
Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels (55)

American wrestler
Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen (55)

Dutch actress and former model
Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields (55)

American actress and model
Micky Ward

Micky Ward (55)

American boxer
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan (55)

British journalist and television personality
Shania Twain

Shania Twain (55)

Canadian singer
Chris Rock

Chris Rock (55)

American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer
Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen (55)

American basketball player
Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie (55)

American singer
Mick Foley

Mick Foley (55)

American wrestler, actor, and author
Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei (55)

American actress
Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence (55)

American actor
Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven (55)

American actor
Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder (55)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist
Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton (55)

American actor and voice actor
Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle (55)

American actor and producer
Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor (55)

American singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and producer
Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad (55)

Syrian politician
John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly (55)

American actor
Michael Bay

Michael Bay (55)

American director and producer
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley (55)

English model and actress
Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick (55)

American actress
Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer (55)

American actor
Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart (55)

American actress
Suge Knight

Suge Knight (55)

American record producer and executive
Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones (55)

English footballer and actor

Slash (55)

British-American guitarist
Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik (55)

Indian Salafi televangelist
Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes (55)

English stage, TV and film director
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman (55)

American wrestling manager
Linda Perry

Linda Perry (55)

American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer
Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle (55)

British radio and television presenter
Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher (55)

American actress
Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams (55)

American astronaut

Moby (55)

American musician and producer
Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins (55)

American boxer
Melissa McBride

Melissa McBride (55)

American actress
Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller (55)

American basketball player
Muggsy Bogues

Muggsy Bogues (55)

American basketball player
Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming (55)

Scottish-American actor, singer, director, and producer
Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin (55)

American actress
Farah Khan

Farah Khan (55)

Indian director, actress, and choreographer
Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis (55)

Canadian-British boxer