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April 19th famous birthdays

James Franco

James Franco (43)

American actor

Loren Gray

Loren Gray (19)

American singer

Nadia Turner

Nadia Turner (17)

American dancer and actress

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd (53)

American actress

Matt Sato

Matt Sato (20)

American singer and actor

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson (42)

American actress

Jordan Beckham

Jordan Beckham (17)

American Instagram star

Ellie Mecham

Ellie Mecham (30)

American social media star

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova (34)

Russian tennis player

Jeremy Hutchins

Jeremy Hutchins (18)

American internet personality

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein (62)

American reality star

Emily Jade

Emily Jade (20)

English YouTuber

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani (64)

Indian businessman

Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines (43)

American reality star

Tim Curry

Tim Curry (75)

British actor

Suge Knight

Suge Knight (56)

American record producer and executive

Jiroemon Kimura

Jiroemon Kimura (1897 - 2013)

Japanese super-centenarian

Arizona Zervas

Arizona Zervas (26)

American rapper and songwriter

Signe Hansen

Signe Hansen (26)

Danish Instagram star

Joe Hart

Joe Hart (34)

English footballer

Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi (53)

Indian actor


Rivaldo (49)

Brazilian footballer

Tyler Bott

Tyler Bott (19)

American social media star

Shaqir O'Neal

Shaqir O'Neal (18)

American reality star

Badkid Mark

Badkid Mark (16)

American YouTuber

Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu (31)

Chinese-Filipino actress

Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore (1935 - 2002)

English actor, comedian, and composer

Briana Renee

Briana Renee (38)

American reality star

Michelle Chin

Michelle Chin (23)

American Instagram star

Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu (40)

American football player

Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero (89)

Colombian artist

David Ricardo

David Ricardo (1772 - 1823)

English political economist

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel (51)

Mexican singer

Caleel Harris

Caleel Harris (18)

American actor

Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk (30)

Canadian basketball player

Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada (84)

Philippine actor and politician, 13th President of the Philippines

Candace Parker

Candace Parker (35)

American basketball player


Himchan (31)

South Korean singer, rapper and dancer

Gad Elmaleh

Gad Elmaleh (50)

French-Moroccan comedian and actor

Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer (38)

American baseball player

Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker (37)

American reality star and comedian

Nick Groff

Nick Groff (41)

American reality star

Oriana Sabatini

Oriana Sabatini (25)

Argentine actress

Ali Wong

Ali Wong (39)

American comedian


Footlongjohnn (18)

American social media star

Elinor Donahue

Elinor Donahue (84)

American actress

On this day

April 19 in History

  • 1774

    April 19, 1774:

    Italian and French opera composer, Christoph Willibald Gluck’s opera “Iphigénie en Aulide” premieres in Paris.

  • 1919

    April 19, 1919:

    The American parachutist Leslie Irvin performs the world's first-ever free fall parachute jump by using a rip cord instead of a canister.

  • 1924

    April 19, 1924:

    "National Barn Dance" shows on a commercial television station in Chicago Illinois called ‘WLS’.

  • 1927

    April 19, 1927: Celebrated actress Mae West is charged with “obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth”. She is sentenced to 10 days imprisonment and slapped with a fine of 500 USD.
  • 1948

    April 19, 1948: The multinational commercial broadcast television network, known as the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) launches its television network.
  • 1971

    April 19, 1971:

    The first orbital station, Salyut 1 is put into orbit by the Soviet Union.

  • 1975

    April 19, 1975:

    United States pop rock band The Raspberries, known for the hit songs titled “Go All the Way” and “I Can Remember” officially breaks up.

  • 1987

    April 19, 1987:

    The first installment of the animated sitcom titled “The Simpsons” is broadcasted.

  • 1994

    April 19, 1994:

    US rapper and entrepreneur Nas drops his debut studio album titled “Illmatic” by Columbia Records at age 20.