The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Queens, New York, U.S.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump (74)

American politician, 45th President of the United States
Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu (51)

American actress and producer
Cree Cicchino

Cree Cicchino (18)

American actress and model
Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken (77)

American actor
Rich the Kid

Rich the Kid (28)

American rapper and songwriter
Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman (1918 - 1988)

American physicist
Bernard Madoff

Bernard Madoff (82)

American businessman, stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier
Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg (36)

American actor
Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin (55)

American actress
NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes (52)

American actress
Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (39)

American actress and singer
Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel (49)

American actress and singer
Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli (46)

American actor
Ray Romano

Ray Romano (62)

Italian-American comedian and actor
Mark LoMonaco

Mark LoMonaco (49)

American wrestler
Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons (62)

American businesmsan
Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil (72)

American engineer and author
Moira Kelly

Moira Kelly (52)

American actress
Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith (55)

American basketball player
Drea de Matteo

Drea de Matteo (48)

American actress
David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz (42)

American actor
Al Roker

Al Roker (65)

American weatherman, actor, and author
Terrence J

Terrence J (38)

American ator and television host
Jason Patric

Jason Patric (54)

American actor
Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons (25)

American rapper
Christopher Cuomo

Christopher Cuomo (49)

American journalist
Julie Chen

Julie Chen (50)

American journalist and producer
David Gallagher

David Gallagher (35)

American actor
Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo (1932 - 2015)

American politician, 52nd Governor of New York
Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold (51)

American actress and singer
Joseph Simmons

Joseph Simmons (55)

American rapper and producer
Amy Ryan

Amy Ryan (50)

American actress
Dina Meyer

Dina Meyer (51)

American actress
Marilyn Milian

Marilyn Milian (59)

American judge
Tika Sumpter

Tika Sumpter (40)

American actress and model
Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert (33)

American basketball player
Albert R. Broccoli

Albert R. Broccoli (1909 - 1996)

American movie producer
Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell (77)

American actor
Scott Ian

Scott Ian (56)

American musician
Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell (61)

American singer and musician
Liza Lapira

Liza Lapira (38)

American actress
Rafer Alston

Rafer Alston (43)

American basketball player
Dave Attell

Dave Attell (55)

American comedian and actor
Fredro Starr

Fredro Starr (49)

American actor-rapper
Adrienne Shelly

Adrienne Shelly (1966 - 2006)

American actress and director
Christina Vidal

Christina Vidal (38)

American actor
Jennifer Rush

Jennifer Rush (59)

American singer-songwriter
Kelly Price

Kelly Price (47)

Song Writer, Singer, Author, Actress
DJ Muggs

DJ Muggs (52)

American hip hop musician
Mike Tirico

Mike Tirico (53)

American sportscaster