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November 9th famous birthdays


CoryxKenshin (30)

American YouTuber and gamer

French Montana

French Montana (38)

American rapper and businessman

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho (52)

Canadian wrestler and singer

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

American astronomer and writer

Karol Sevilla

Karol Sevilla (23)

Mexican actress

Jerry Purpdrank

Jerry Purpdrank (29)

American Instagram star

Edward VII

Edward VII (1841 - 1910)

King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions

Kyra Sivertson

Kyra Sivertson (26)

American YouTube star

Momo (Momo Hirai)

Momo (Momo Hirai) (26)

Japanese singer

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr (1914 - 2000)

Austrian-American actress and inventor

Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero (48)

Italian football player

Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno (71)

American actor and bodybuilder

Eric Dane

Eric Dane (50)

American actor

Analeigh Tipton

Analeigh Tipton (34)

American actress and model

Sir Cruse

Sir Cruse (31)

American YouTuber

Ajani Huff

Ajani Huff (22)

American TikTok star


Lustrelux (34)

American YouTuber

Sham NYC

Sham NYC (19)

Moroccan-American TikTok star

Eva Igo

Eva Igo (20)

American dancer

Lucía Bellido

Lucía Bellido (19)

Spanish TikTok star

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem (38)

Australian singer, songwriter and pianist

Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack (1979 - 2020)

British television presenter


MNEK (28)

English music producer

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge (1922 - 1965)

American actress and singer

Spiro Agnew

Spiro Agnew (1918 - 1996)

American politician, 39th Vice President of the United States

Kory DeSoto

Kory DeSoto (36)

American YouTube star

Finley Tapp

Finley Tapp (23)

English reality star


CringeCarter (20)

American TikTok star

Muhammad Iqbal

Muhammad Iqbal (1877 - 1938)

Pakistani philosopher, poet, and politician


Sisqó (44)

American actor-musician

Thank You

Thank You (25)

Thai singer

McKaylee True

McKaylee True (23)

American dancer

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey (49)

American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor

Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky (34)

American actress and singer

Roxanne Shante

Roxanne Shante (53)

American rapper

Finn Cole

Finn Cole (27)

English actor

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Luiz Felipe Scolari (74)

Brazilian footballer and manager

Payal Rohatgi

Payal Rohatgi (38)

Indian actor

Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford (35)

American football player

Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman (46)

American singer

Chris Lane

Chris Lane (38)

American singer

Ruth Payne

Ruth Payne (32)

English internet star

Byron De La Beckwith

Byron De La Beckwith (1920 - 2001)

American assassin of Medgar Evers

Jill Dando

Jill Dando (1961 - 1999)

English journalist

Robert Frank

Robert Frank (1924 - 2019)

Swiss-American photographer and director

Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness (55)

Artist and personality

Mary Travers

Mary Travers (1936 - 2009)

American singer-songwriter

Karen Dotrice

Karen Dotrice (67)

English actress

Tom Fogerty

Tom Fogerty (1941 - 1990)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo (42)

Filipino-American television host and actress

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi (52)

American musician

On this day

November 9 in History

  • 1922

    November 9, 1922:

    The Nobel Prize names Albert Einstein as the winner of the Physics prize.

  • 1943

    November 9, 1943:

    A 44-nation agreement results in the creation of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

  • 1953

    November 9, 1953:

    Cambodia gains independence from France.

  • 1985

    November 9, 1985:

    At 22 years old, Gary Kasparov beats Anatoly Karpov to become the youngest world chess champion.

  • 1989

    November 9, 1989:

    The East German government opens the Berlin Wall.

  • 1996

    November 9, 1996:

    Evander Holyfield wins his third heavyweight boxing championship after knocking out Mike Tyson.

  • 1999

    November 9, 1999:

    Italian opera tenor Andrea Bocelli’s sixth studio album, “Sacred Arias” is released.

  • 2004

    November 9, 2004:

    After being married for three months, businessman Todd Andrew Meister and fashion model and hotel heiress Nicky Hilton are granted an amicable annulment by a Las Vegas court.

  • 2020

    November 9, 2020:

    The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy is announced to be more than 90% by its manufacturers following three trial phases.