The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
November 6th famous birthdays
Emma Stone

Emma Stone (30)

American actress

Sally Field

Sally Field (72)

American actress

Yip Man

Yip Man (1893 - 1972)

Chinese martial artist

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom (39)

American basketball player

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke (48)

American actor and screenwriter

Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman the Magnificent (1494 - 1566)

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn (46)

American actress and model

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton (46)

English actress

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver (63)

American journalist, TV host and writer

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey (1948 - 2016)

American singer and songwriter

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic (31)

Serbian tennis player

James Naismith

James Naismith (1861 - 1939)

Canadian-American inventor of basketball

Katie Leclerc

Katie Leclerc (32)

American actress

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman (1976 - 2004)

American football player

Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook (37)

South Korean actor

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols (87)

German-American director, screenwriter, and producer

Edsel Ford

Edsel Ford (1893 - 1943)

American businessman

Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore (29)

American soccer player

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez (29)

All-American college football player, professional football player, tight end

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning (42)

American singer-songwriter and actress

André Schürrle

André Schürrle (28)

German footballer

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert (52)

American guitarist and singer

Arne Duncan

Arne Duncan (54)

American basketball player

Tom Araya

Tom Araya (57)

Chilean-American singer-songwriter and bassist

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford (50)

American actress

Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers (67)

English actor

Lori Singer

Lori Singer (61)

American actress

Peter DeLuise

Peter DeLuise (52)

American actor and director

Greg Graffin

Greg Graffin (54)

American singer-songwriter, producer, and author

Rachel Shenton

Rachel Shenton (31)

British actor

Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner (47)

Australian theatre producer

Cesare Lombroso

Cesare Lombroso (1835 - 1909)

Italian psychiatrist

Vonta Leach

Vonta Leach (1981 - 2012)

American football fullback

Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrew (45)

English model

Cassie Bernall

Cassie Bernall (1981 - 1999)

American student, victim of the Columbine High School massacre

Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu (39)

Hong Kong actress

Walter Perry Johnson

Walter Perry Johnson (1887 - 1946)

American baseball player

Adolphe Sax

Adolphe Sax (1814 - 1894)

Belgian musician, invented the saxophone

Christian Lorenz

Christian Lorenz (52)

German keyboardist

Zoe McLellan

Zoe McLellan (44)

American actress

Ray Conniff

Ray Conniff (1916 - 2002)

American composer and conductor

Guy Clark

Guy Clark (77)

American musician