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April 22nd famous birthdays

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis (64)

English-Irish actor

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson (84)

American actor, film director, producer and writer

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (31)

American rapper

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin (1870 - 1924)

Russian revolutionary


Kaká (39)

Brazilian footballer

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow (27)

Australian Instagram star

Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804)

German philosopher

Thea Kornum

Thea Kornum (23)

Danish social media star

Amber Heard

Amber Heard (35)

American actress

Ahlyssa Marie

Ahlyssa Marie (20)

American social media star


Benkro_tv (24)

American social media star

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell (1936 - 2017)

American singer, musician, and actor

Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles (62)

American actor

Pili Pascual

Pili Pascual (20)

Argentine actress

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson (49)

American reality star

Ruby Da Cherry

Ruby Da Cherry (32)

American rapper

Joey Kidney

Joey Kidney (25)

Canadian YouTube star

Nicola Sacco

Nicola Sacco (1891 - 1927)

American anarchist

Ingo Rademacher

Ingo Rademacher (50)

German-Australian actor

Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov (1899 - 1977)

Russian novelist, professor, and lepidopterist

Amanda Pierre

Amanda Pierre (27)

American YouTuber

Mikel John Obi

Mikel John Obi (34)

Nigerian footballer

David Luiz

David Luiz (34)

Brazilian footballer

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton (71)

English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer

Haley Fitzgerald

Haley Fitzgerald (27)

American dancer

Brooklyn Van Zandt

Brooklyn Van Zandt (15)

American entertainer

Finn Roberts

Finn Roberts (25)

American actor

Brennon O’Neill

Brennon O’Neill (30)

American social media star


Avxry (24)

American YouTuber

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd (54)

American comedian, actress, and talk show host

Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus (1922 - 1979)

American jazz musician, composer, and bandleader

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch (35)

American football player

Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling (1923 - 2006)

American television producer

Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel Jackson (43)

Guyanese wrestler

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan (37)

English actress

Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett (1944 - 2007)

American businessman, aviator, and sailor

Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack (70)

English singer-songwriter and musician

Sean Lock

Sean Lock (1963 - 2021)

English comedian

Joji Nakata

Joji Nakata (67)

Japanese actor

Ryan Foley

Ryan Foley (43)

American social media star

Terry Francona

Terry Francona (62)

American baseball manager

Eric Mabius

Eric Mabius (50)

American actor

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee (54)

American actress

Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns (42)

Australian musician

Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry (35)

American author

On this day

April 22 in History

  • 1500

    April 22, 1500: Portugal, led by Pedro Álvares Cabral, discovers the South American country known as Brazil. They became the first European country to achieve this feat.
  • 1804

    April 22, 1804:

    Italian composer, Gioachino Rossini, performs at the city of Imola in his home country. He’s also known for his opera works including “The Barber of Seville” and “L'italiana in Algeri”.

  • 1876

    April 22, 1876:

    Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, finishes his ballet titled "Swan Lake". The work is modeled on German and Russian folk tales.

  • 1914

    April 22, 1914:

    Top baseball player George Herman Ruth Jr., famously known as Babe Ruth, pitches for the first time in a professional game. In 2018, he was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then President of the U.S., Donald Trump.

  • 1975

    April 22, 1975:

    American singer, Elvis Presley, drops his hit single titled "T-R-O-U-B-L-E". The song is off his album titled “Today”.

  • 1976

    April 22, 1976:

    Barbara Walters, an American broadcast journalist, becomes the first female to co-present an evening news television program in the United States. She achieved this after being named one of the hosts of the ABC Evening News.

  • 1984

    April 22, 1984:

    CBS premieres the movie titled "Pope John Paul II". The film marked the first television role of Albert Finney, who played the title character. Other actors in the movie include John Forgeham, and Caroline Bliss.

  • 1991

    April 22, 1991:

    Johnny Carson, an American television personality, announces his intention to retire from the late night show titled "The Tonight Show". In 1987, his name was included in the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

  • 1993

    April 22, 1993:

    Broadway’s play titled “Tommy” begins showing at the popular St. James Theater. The play focuses on the fourth album of the English band known as ‘The Who’.

  • 1998

    April 22, 1998:

    Rock band, Faith No More, splits for the first time. They are known for their hit albums like “Angel Dust” and “The Real Thing”.