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January 6th famous birthdays

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus (55)

American model and actor


MattyBRaps (21)

American singer

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson (69)

English comedian and actor

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne (42)

English actor and model

Joan Of Arc

Joan Of Arc (1412 - 1431)

National heroine of France

A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman (57)

Indian singer and composer

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson (64)

English chef and author

Jodie Woods

Jodie Woods (17)

American Instagram star

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (38)

Russian-American model

Polo G 

Polo G  (25)

American rapper

Rayan Lopez

Rayan Lopez (28)

American rapper and dancer

Arin Hanson

Arin Hanson (37)

American actor

Alex Turner

Alex Turner (38)

English singer


Whynot_Joey (24)

American social media star

Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915 - 1973)

English-American philosopher


JB (30)

South Korean musician and actor

Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond (55)

American chef and blogger

John Smith

John Smith (1580 - 1631)

English explorer and soldier

Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

Lebanese-American poet

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard (42)

American actress

Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz (55)

American rapper

Georgie Fizz

Georgie Fizz (36)

English YouTube star


Kingani (28)

Turkish YouTuber

Julie Chen

Julie Chen (54)

American journalist and producer

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera (22)

American internet personality

Jay B (Lim Jae-beom)

Jay B (Lim Jae-beom) (30)

South Korean singer, songwriter and actor

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon (40)

American comedian, actress and writer

Leah Halton

Leah Halton (23)

Australian Instagram star

Lil Reese

Lil Reese (31)

American rapper

Justin Welby

Justin Welby (68)

English archbishop

Keyshia Ka'oir

Keyshia Ka'oir (39)

Jamaican model and social media star

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh (37)

All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive lineman

Courtney Eaton

Courtney Eaton (28)

Australian actress and model

Eric Trump

Eric Trump (40)

American TV personality and son of Donald Trump

Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray (30)

Filipino-Australian model and singer

Charles Sumner

Charles Sumner (1811 - 1874)

American politician

Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré (1832 - 1883)

French painter and sculptor

Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young (1953 - 2017)

Scottish-Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Mickey Hargitay

Mickey Hargitay (1926 - 2006)

Hungarian-American actor and bodybuilder

Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece (54)

Volleyball player, Fashion model

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)

American poet and historian

John DeLorean

John DeLorean (1925 - 2005)

American engineer and businessman, founded the DeLorean Motor Company

Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano (86)

Italian singer-songwriter, actor, and director

Royale Dior

Royale Dior (18)

American YouTube star

Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh (40)

Indian actor, TV host, singer and internet star

Anthony Minghella

Anthony Minghella (1954 - 2008)

English director and screenwriter

Drew Drechsel

Drew Drechsel (35)

American reality star

Jacqueline Moore

Jacqueline Moore (60)

American wrestler

On this day

January 6 in History

  • 1540

    January 6, 1540:

    King Henry VIII of England marries Anne of Cleaves, his fourth wife.

  • 1838

    January 6, 1838:

    The telegraph system is demonstrated for the first time by its founder, Samuel Morse.

  • 1950

    January 6, 1950:

    The recognition of the People’s Republic of China is announced by Great Britain.

  • 1957

    January 6, 1957:

    Elvis Presley performs for the final time on “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

  • 1969

    January 6, 1969:

    Diana Ross and the Supremes release the song, “I’m Livin’ in Shame”.

  • 1975

    January 6, 1975:

    The television game show, “Wheel of Fortune” makes its debut on NBC.

  • 1976

    January 6, 1976:

    CNN founder, Ted Turner purchases the Atlanta Braves team.

  • 1994

    January 6, 1994:

    Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan gets attacked by a man hired by the ex-husband of her skating rival on team USA, Tonya Harding.

  • 2001

    January 6, 2001:

    George W. Bush is certified by Congress as the 2000 Presidential election winner.

  • 2021

    January 6, 2021:

    Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s supporters storm the Capitol amidst allegations of voter fraud by the former.