The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
January 6th famous birthdays
Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus (50)

American model and actor

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson (64)

English comedian and actor

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne (37)

English actor and model

Joan Of Arc

Joan Of Arc (1412 - 1431)

National heroine of France

A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman (52)

Indian singer and composer

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson (59)

English chef and author

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (33)

Russian-American model

Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915 - 1973)

English-American philosopher

Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

Lebanese-American poet

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll (30)

English footballer

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas (37)

American basketball player

Justin Welby

Justin Welby (63)

English archbishop

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard (37)

American actress

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh (32)

All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive lineman

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev (60)

Indian cricketer

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi (38)

Japanese actress

Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas (1912 - 1991)

American actor and producer

Julie Chen

Julie Chen (49)

American journalist and producer

Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young (1953 - 2017)

Scottish-Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Charles Sumner

Charles Sumner (1811 - 1874)

American politician

Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré (1832 - 1883)

French painter and sculptor

John Singleton

John Singleton (51)

American director

Mickey Hargitay

Mickey Hargitay (1926 - 2006)

Hungarian-American actor and bodybuilder

Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece (49)

Volleyball player, Fashion model

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)

American poet and historian

John DeLorean

John DeLorean (1925 - 2005)

American engineer and businessman, founded the DeLorean Motor Company

Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano (88)

Italian singer-songwriter, actor, and director

Anthony Minghella

Anthony Minghella (1954 - 2008)

English director and screenwriter

Jacqueline Moore

Jacqueline Moore (55)

American wrestler

Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny (1947 - 1978)

English singer-songwriter


Capucine (1928 - 1990)

French actress and model

Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz (82)

American football player, coach, and sportscaster

Angus Deayton

Angus Deayton (63)

English comedian and actor

Danny Pintauro

Danny Pintauro (43)

American actor

Steed Malbranque

Steed Malbranque (39)

French footballer

Alexander Scriabin

Alexander Scriabin (1872 - 1915)

Russian pianist and composer

Trudie Styler

Trudie Styler (65)

English actress


Konnan (55)

Cuban-American wrestler

Jedediah Smith

Jedediah Smith (1799 - 1831)

American hunter, author, and explorer

Tom Mix

Tom Mix (1880 - 1940)

American actor

Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel (38)

American football player

Earl Scruggs

Earl Scruggs (1924 - 2012)

American bluegrass musician

Petter Northug

Petter Northug (33)

Norwegian skier

Sam Rayburn

Sam Rayburn (1882 - 1961)

American politician